Monday, December 22, 2008

#111 12/02/08 Yeah Conference!

I'm a member of the Society of Engineers, and we are going to Albuquerque  New Mexico for a regional conference.   We leave I think at the end of January for a couple days.  This conference is a workshop for students like us to get our name out into the real world and meet different companies that I could possibly be interested in.  So today I registered for conference.  I filled out the application and picked an activity from the list.  So now I'm officially registered!  I can't wait!

#110 12/01/08 U-S-U! U-S-U!

Nothing too exciting today but I bought my first BYU vs. USU Basketball today!  It only cost 5 bucks and I can't wait to go!  We are going to dominate!!

#109 11/30/08 Mintastic!!

My mom really gets into the Christmas spirit, even in November.  When she sees a new treat, she usually buys the stuff and makes it soon after.  I'm sure everyone has heard of the Andes mints with a mint piece in the middle of two chocolate pieces.  Well today, I helped my mom make homemade Andes mints!  This is kind of a tricky process.  First, we bought the chocolate from some lady, then you weigh out the right amount and melt it in the oven, green with green, and brown with brown.  Once they are melted, you take a cookie sheet and pour the first layer of chocolate on the pan with wax paper under it.  Make sure it's all even out.  After it drys, then take the green middle layer and spread it out over the first layer, first adding 7 drops of mint flavoring.  Wait for that one to dry as well and repeat with the last chocolate layer.  Once all three layers have dried then you get out your tool to cut them into squares that will fit in the box that the chocolate lady provides.  They taste SO much better than store bought mints!

#108 11/29/08 "Whoever said being over the top was too much, has never been to this store..."

Being home for fall break is the best.  I get to run errands with my mom all the time.  Today, while we were running around South Jordan, we noticed a new store over by Cafe Rio and the Pi Pizzaria.  It's called Over the Top Cookies.  We couldn't say no to a new cookie store (After all we are the Berretts) so we decided to check it out.  This store just opened about 2 weeks ago and it's a family business.  We were greeted by a 10 year old boy.  We assumed it was the owners son.  This mom of the family makes these AMAZING cookies from smores' to almond joy, to snickers and twix.  They were all delicious!  We got two mini cookies of each flavor.  Let's just say I ran a little longer today after eating those pieces of heaven... All of you should check it out.  Great Christmas gift! 

#107 11/28/08 "How did we get here? I used to know you so well"

The subject heading for this post is one of the lyrics in the song "Decode" which is on the Twilight soundtrack.  Speaking of Twilight, I had heard mixed reviews about it, so I decided to settle the chaos and see it myself.  I really liked it!  Sure it was a little cheesy, but that's how Stephanie Meyer writes it.  Although I wasn't a huge fan of Edward. He was nothing like expected, but eventually he grew on me.  Out of the whole Twilight craze, I really just love the two Paramore songs from the soundtrack.  But then again, Paramore IS my favorite band...

#106 11/27/08 No wonder you get fat over Thanksgiving...

Today was Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins.  But I do that every year, so it's nothing new.  However today's new thing does have to do with food.  As a poor college student, I don't have the money to buy what my mom buys.  That's why I love going home.  I wanted a snack, so my mom told me to try Spinach Dip with Little bite-sized chips!  I think the spinach dip was from Costco, or it should be because it was gone within a few days.  The chips were marvelous as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#105 11/26/08 Wow! This place is huge!

In preparation for Thanksgiving, my mom needed to get some matching serving bowls for a fruit salad of some sort.  Me, bored, and home for Thanksgiving, went with her to IKEA for the first time.  IKEA is like a mall I've decided.  Nope, that's a lie because Malls aren't that confusing...We walked inside the store and went up the escalator to the 2nd floor, but soon realized that we needed to stay on the bottom floor.  It seriously took like 10 minutes to find a way down to the main floor.  We had to walk through most of their stuff to get to the checkout stand too.  Even though we only needed that one thing, I ended up seeing the whole store before I could get out of there.  Talk about your smart marketing strategy.  They say that the longer you stay in a store, the more inclined you are to buy more stuff.  Luckily we had some self control.  

Saturday, December 6, 2008

#104 11/25/08 Pepperidge Farm!!!

There is a Pepperidge Farm in North Logan that one could either drive or request to go there if you took the bus.  Emily had always had this deep desire to go there, so today we took the CVN bus and by request he took us to Pepperidge Farm!  No one should be that giddy while riding a bus.  We probably annoyed the other people in the bus, but how often to you take the bus to Pepperidge Farm?  Never.  
But when we go there, I bought 12 dollars of goldfish and cookies, and it should have really cost like 20 bucks or more, but i bought the reject cookies that were either broken or for some reason couldn't be sold in stores.  I hope they didn't poison it because I've already eaten a lot of it.  If I don't come to school tomorrow, you'll know why...

#103 11/22/08 Free TV AND movies?

I went over to Nate's apartment tonight, and his roommates were watching House online.  I asked them how they were watching it, and they replied,  This site lets you watch TV episodes from any show, and lots and lots of movies, for FREE!!  So tonight, me and Nate got on it for the first time and watched a couple episodes of The Simpsons.  Whoever invented is an absolute genius!!

#102 11/21/08 I'm going to miss this...

Today ended the glorious workout called BOOT CAMP.  I'm going to miss it and my trainer, and the people that were in my class.  It really was the thing that got me going in the mornings, and now it's over because I don't have 90 bucks a month to keep doing it.

#101 11/20/08 One of the best days of my life...

I'll tell you why.  Because today was the last Physics lab of my entire life!!! And I finished it in 20 minutes which never happens!  I still can't get over the fact that I'm done with Physics after this semester!!!

#100 11/19/08 "They don't fly very well..."

Sometimes when we get sick of doing homework, my roommates and I do some crazy things.  Like tonight for example.  Katy had got about 150 paper bags from the grocery store for a FHE activity, but that idea fell through the roof and we had 150 bags in our apartment and nothing to do with them.  One of my roommates had an idea, and that idea was to make paper planes out of them and throw them off the third floor.  So that's what we did.  Paper bag paper is too heavy for paper plane making so my plane kind of just fell instead of flew.  Either way, it was a fun way to use up those bags! 

#99 11/18/08 Tie Date!!

Tonight I went on my tie date.  My date was David from next door.  The sad thing is that I didn't even know our next door neighbors at all until tonight.  And they are pretty cool people.  For our date, we doubled with his roommate and Kate from apt 15.  They made us dinner, alfredo and garlic toast, and then after we played Settlers of Catan.  I lost by one point because SOMEONE had to go and build a bigger army and take away my glory!  It's ok, just a game.  After that the date ended because I had to go to my soccer game.  One funny thing about the night.  My date is dating someone from apt 22, and I'm dating Nate.  So it was totally chill and full of no pressure.  It was great!! I'd do it again anyday:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

#98 11/16/08 Pick a tie, any tie...

Tonight, one of our neighbors came up with the great idea of having a  tie date.  Let me explain.  Every boy in our ward turned one or two of their ties in with a date and time, and one lucky girl would pick a tie and go on a date with that guy.  So tonight after ward prayer,  I picked a tie!  My date is on tuesday!  I'm excited!!

#97 11/14/08 Kissy Kissy

Our typical Friday night tradition is to go to the basketball games.  One of my favorite parts of the game isn't actually the game itself, but it's the kiss cam.  I love to watch the embarassed couples kiss in front of the entire Spectrum audience.  Never in a million years did I think it would happen to me.   Me and Nate kissed on the kiss cam in front of 5 thousand people!  It was embarassing but awesome at the same time:)  The funny part was after we kissed, I got 5 different texts from different people telling me things like "way to go!!" and " Oh how cute".  It was a good night:)

#96 11/13/08 A lone ranger...

Tonight, I had to work.   But this time my co partner bailed.  So I had to ref on my own.  Let me tell you it is very tough.  Luckily Tate, my boss came to the rescue and helped me out.  Thank goodness for that, because if I had to ref alone, I probably wouldn't be alive to be writing this blog.

#95 11/12/08 Sign me up for the next war...

Just kidding.  I really meant to say, "sign me up for the next semester".  Yep, today I signed up for my spring semester classes.  Kind of a lame post.  But I've never signed up for my Sopomore classes before, so I guess it's a new thing.

#94 11/11/08 Get ready to schred!

It's been I while since I've been snowboarding.  It's a tradition we have as a family to go every christmas eve, and that's the last time I went.  This year I decided to buy a season pass to Beaver Mountain.  I got it for a good deal, only $270.  I can't wait to test it out.  All I need now is some snow and I'd be happy!!  I love the snow!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

#93 11/09/08 Wii!!!

Tonight, instead of watching ESPN at Nate's like they always do, we decided to play Mario Kart Wii!  It's just like normal Mario Kart, but with cooler graphics and a different controller. And they have different types of cars you can choose from.  I always chose the dirtbike.  It was the coolest one and went the fastest.   I really liked it because we ended up playing it for like three hours.  So worth it though because I won!!

#92 11/08/08 "Pictures!!"

So anyone that knows me knows that I write a lot of missionaries.  The past few letters I had received had pictures in them.  I felt bad because I hadn't sent them any in return, so today I went to Wal-Mart and ordered pictures with the computer.  They make ordering pictures a piece of cake.  It was actually kind of fun.  I put my memory card in the slot, chose which pictures I wanted and vouila! they were ordered!  Technology is amazing!!

#91 11/07/08 "Hot on the Ice"

Friday Night!!! This night was super fun and I'll tell you why.  First, I finished my last test today!  Four tests in one week is like finals week but you still have to go to class so it was worse!  I was ready to never study again and party hard.  So tonight, I went Ice Skating for the first time in Logan!  I went with Nate, his roommates, and a bunch of his friends that are now my friends!  I forgot how much fun ice skating is.  I felt like I was in Middle School again, and I didn't even care!  We played tag, and got the hockey puck taken away from us.  One of the best nights ever!!:)

This picture is quite the attractive one if I say so myself!

#90 11/06/08 Warren Miller is the man!"

Tonight was an exciting night!  I watched a Warren Miller movie entitled "Children of Winter" and got a pass to canyons for 17 bucks!  For those of you who don't know who Warren Miller is, don't feel bad.  I didn't know who he was until that night.  Warren Miller makes these wicked awesome snowboarding/skiing videos for a living.  I don't know how he gets the footage, but he does an incredible job!  Some of the people he filmed would go off a jump and fly for like a hundred feet before landing!!  It made me want to go snowboarding SO bad!  Since then, it hasn't snowed yet!  Bring it on winter... Bring it on!

#89 11/05/08 "I'm not your regular ice cream, I'm the cool ice cream..."

Today was the end of three or four major tests this week, and since I didn't have to study till Thursday, Nate took me out to get some ice cream.  At first we wanted to go to Casper's Ice cream Parlor, because that stuff is amazing!!  But unfortunately, they were closed.  Then, we decided to go to Wendy's and get frosty's.  Once again, they were closed.  Almost giving up hope, we resorted to Lee's marketplace where I bought my first cup of Aggie Ice Cream!  Let me tell you that stuff is heavenly!  I mean, our school is pretty awesome, but the ice cream our school makes is like the cherry on top.  (Except I don't really like cherries, so we'll say it was the whip cream on the ice cream.  Oh now I see why they use "cherry".  It flows a lot smoother than "whip cream")

#88 11/04/08 "God bless America..."

Today I voted for our next world leader.  Seeing as I live in Utah, a mostly republican state, you can take a guess at who I voted for.  It was kind of a neat experience.  I went into the church where the polling booths were located, got my card, and voted for our next president, and a lot of other people a know nothing about.  All I can say is that "I'm proud to be an American"  and  " I voted!"

#87 11/03/08 Going up...

Normally I shun people who use the elevator instead of the stairs. ( I'm kidding).  But today I needed to go to the fourth floor in the Engineering Building to make calls and felt really lazy, so today, i took the elevator in the Engineering Building to the fourth floor.    Some feat huh?  Man my life is boring... 
"what did you do today Lauren?"
"oh... I just took the elevator to the fourth floor"
"cool...(She must not get out that much...)"

#86 11/02/08 "Welcome to the ward..."

The exciting new thing that happened today had nothing to do with me, but I'm going to count it anyways.  We had a brand new member move into our ward.  His name is Tony Fuentez and he is an awesome kid!!  I'm glad he found the gospel.  It truly blesses lives!  I promise, I wouldn't have been able to get all of my homework done without it.  

#85 11/01/08 "Penguins and marbles and beads! Oh my!!

I am a member of the society of women engineers or SWE for short.  Every month we do a couple different activities.  Today, we did a really fun one that took all day long.  I learned how to blow glass and make marbles and beads out of it.  Now I'm sure that sounds "super exciting" to all you non-engineers, but as for me, I loved it!  First you start out with a piece of glass that looks like a solid straw.  Then you put it under the flame and watch it get soft.  From there, you can mold it into whatever you'd like.  The trick is that you need to keep the glass hot at all times or else it will shatter and harden.  It's harder than it looks, trust me.  That's probably why I was there for a good 7 hours of my saturday.  This picture is not what my beads looked like at all, but they are pretty intricate.  Someday I'll be able to make them like this.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?

#84 10/31/08 "Meh, I don't want to dress up..."

That's right everyone.   I didn't dress up for Halloween.   For those of you who are avid blog readers, you will know that a lot of chunks of my hair broke off  at the last Halloween Party I went to.  It's slowly growing back, but I was too worried to rat it again in fear that it would break off again.  So I just went to apartment 16 and they entertained me with "shake face" pictures.  What are shake pictures you ask?  You get in front of a camera and shake your face as hard as you can until the picture is taken.  Sound effects are greatly encouraged...  I'll just show you some pictures of the infamous shake face.

Colin was the best at it!! :)

#83 10/30/08 Pumpkin Seeds!!

Well, the title of this blog says it all.  I made pumpkin seeds.  Keep in mind, I had to call my mom multiple times to get the recipe right.  It's not even that hard.  It's hard for someone like me who can't even make packaged cookies turn out... not like that happened...

#82 10/29/08 This is what I do instead of sleeping...

Guess which one's mine?  Man I'm such a nerd...

With the spirit of Halloween in mind, we decided to carve pumpkins before they went moldy and gross.  The evening started out semi normal, but then turned into crazy chaos.  It was a lot of fun though.  WAY better than sleeping.  Boy was I tired the next day... It was worth it though.  Excellent way to roommate bond!

#81 10/28/08 "Man, that is a long time spent on decorating a pumpkin!"

The city of North Logan put on what's called the "Pumpkin Walk".  I had heard that it was good.  So Tonight Nate took me to see it.  This place is perfect to take little kids to.  I felt like me and Nate were the only ones without kids.  The best part?  There was a line to see these pumpkins.  A line!!  I couldn't believe it!  And if you went out of line, the chance that you would run over a small child was huge!  So even though I was scared to kill these small kids, the pumpkin walk turned out to be pretty cool.  It was amazing what people do with a little extra time.  These pictures are just a few of my favorite ones.  My other favorite one was a Mo-Tab pumpkin display.  I don't know but they just have a special place in my heart...It might be because of Ms. Hatch..
Cute little pandas from the Noah's Ark display
The one and only Michael Phelps!
The Incredibles!

This one is my favorite.  They did a really good job with all three characters, the Joker, Two-face, and Batman in the background.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

#80 10/27/08 "This Is Halloween... This is Halloween"

Today was our ward Halloween Party!!  All of us were excited about it since the day we had heard about it.  We had the best costumes too.  We all dressed up as Harry Potter Characters with Katy as Harry, Allie as Hagrid, Kaelyn as Dobby the house elf,  Kim as Ron Weasley, Emily as Hermione, and yours truly as Professor Trewlany.  We should have won the costume contest.  Just look at the pics.  Not that i'm still bitter about it... Bitterness never was happiness.  At the party, we ate spaghetti and had a cake walk, decorated sugar cookies and judged for the best costume there.  The apartment that won was a box of crayons.  They all fit into a "crayola" box and even had matching flip flops to match their crayon color.  It was pretty cute.  After being a little bitter about losing, we all forgot about it and took some more pictures (we're girls... what did you expect)  All in all, it was a memorable Halloween Party.  More exciting than my actual halloween.   The only downside was that a lot of my hair broke off and now is in the sink drain.  It's kind of sad.  We curled my hair and crimped it using a TON of hairspray.  and then to top it off, we ratted the crap out of it.  The next day in the shower, it just started to break off.  So on the right side of my head under my ear, my hair is about three inches long :(  Note to self: never rat my hair like that again...
Aww... Ron and Dobby :)
Yeah... we're roomies!!
This is the most attractive picture of me you've ever seen huh?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

#79 10/26/08 "I thought church was only supposed to be 3 hours?"

Today church was definitely not three hours.  Church was eight hours long today.  Ok, not really.  but I was at the church for eight hours.  Let me explain: church and 1-4.  At four was our linger longer, soup bowls and halloween candy.  After linger longer was stake choir at 5:00.  After choir we had a fireside about Proposition 8.  After fireside was ward prayer, where our apartment spotlighted the boys in 14.  After ward prayer, I could have gone to ward choir, but I was sick of being at the church!  (That sounds horrible!)  So I went home, and my home teachers came over.  I couldn't focus because my other three roommates were having a "wand duel"  in honor of our Harry Potter costumes.  So they were casting spells while our hometeachers were trying to invite the spirit in.  It sorta worked out, but my roommates were too funny!  I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father's giving me a sign that it's bad to do homework on sundays.  There's no time!  My Sunday was busier than my weekday.  Now I have an idea of how much time a bishopric sacrifices for us.  

#78 10/25/08 Costume Shopping!!

Our ward Halloween party is on Monday, so we had to get our halloween costumes.  What better place to get ugly costumes then at DI? So that's what we did.  Our apartment is going to  dress up as Harry Potter Characters.  Katy is Harry, Emily is Hermione, Kim is Ron, Kaelyn is Dobby, and I will be Professor Trewlany.  I'm so stoked!! I got the best costume at DI.  Nasty brown dress and ugly grandma DI blanket.  Oh yeah baby!!  We're even going to rat my hair like crazy!

#77 10/24/08 Indexing!!

Those of you who don't know what indexing is, let me try to explain.  Your ward gets everyone together and stays up way late eating pizza and cookies and you index 50 or so names.  Indexing is a program, I believe it's church related, but this program has a really old handwritten sheet that tells about each family.  It's written in really faded and old cursive writing, and our job is to decipher those names and type them out, so the head people can read it and they can do whatever they do with it.  Our ward turnout wasn't so hot because they did it on homecoming weekend and half of our ward either went home or to homecoming.  I myself did 40 names.  It took a good hour or more.   But it was a good cause and I had fun.  
But not as much fun as Ryan's party was.  Ryan is Nate's roommate and his dad lives about 2 minutes away from here.  So we went over there and partied it up like crazy!  The first thing I noticed was all the Coke memorabilia.  So many Coke things!  Coke glasses, nightlights, posters, figurines and more!!  The other cool thing about his house was that it was set up like a movie theatre.  Movie posters were hanging up on all of the walls and they had any game imaginable.  Pool, ping pong, Foosball,  two wiis, guitar hero, a chocolate fountain, live entertainment from the guitar and piano.  It was such an awesome party!  I would definitely do it again!

#76 10/23/08 "Shave and A Haircut..."

I was sitting in my apartment doing homework, when all of the sudden I got a text asking me if I could cut Nate's hair.  Now I, having grown up with only girls, had no idea what boys' hair was like, let alone cut it.  But he had me convinced (I plead brainwashing) to do it.  So I went over to their apartment and cut Nate's hair!  Not gonna lie, it was one of the most stressful things I've ever done in my life, and believe me, stress is what my life is about with my major.  Luckily he didn't care what it looked like, he just wanted it evened out.  I tried my best, but managed to make the back look really choppy.  His roommates laughed at it.  Now I know one thing: Never cut a person's hair with only the razor and no width separater.  That's where I messed up.  Oopsie!!

The picture is kind of like what I used.  Intimidating huh?

#75 10/22/08 I thought I liked Old Main Hill

I normally have been a big fan of Old Main Hill.  It has provided me with some crazy fun adventures, such as covering myself with butter and using the hill as a slip-n-slide, or ice blocking down it in hopes of not crashing to my death.  Well today, it definitely wasn't my favorite because boot camp was held there at 6:30 this morning.  Our warm up alone was twice up the stairs and back.  We also had a competition to see how many times we could run up Old Main Hill.  We sprinted up it twice, did lunges uphill, I can go on...  So basically I ran up Old Main Hill 20 times!  Man am I going to be sore!  Me and Old Main Hill are no longer friends!

#74 10/21/08 Yet another workout

I know I post many new workouts I do.  They really are all new.  Today's new workout I like to call power body sculpting with Kerry.  Pretty rough  workout.  My abs were sore the next day.  Sometimes I feel like an idiot when I go to these things.  All the other girls used to dance or wear actual workout clothes when there i was in my shorts and t shirt.  I am an awkward workout person.  Well now that I've accepted that, I can continue to look awkward but be in great shape!  Take that dancers!!! HA!

#73 10/20/08 Green Ball

I reffed indoor soccer at the HPER.  It is different from outdoor.  Way more intense!  I like it a lot though.  Less running involved more whistle blowing.  I have a whole new sense of power.  MUAHAHAHA!!

#72 10/19/08 This could be Heaven or this could be Hell...

I like playing the guitar.  I'm no guitar hero (even though I rock at that game) but I like learning new songs to play.  Being bored on a Sunday put me in a "I want to learn a new song" mood.  So today I learned how to play "Hotel California" on the guitar.  I really like that song and like it even more now that I can play it.  

Saturday, November 1, 2008

#71 10/18/08 Canning Madness

The best thing about going home is that I never get anything school related done.  Today I did get a lot of things done.  I helped my mom dry apples and can grape juice and grape jelly.  My mom is a trooper because doing that all day long can be super boring.  Boring but hey, we've got a lot of food now.  And delicious grape juice!!!  Those apples are amazing too!

#70 10/17/08 "Here comes the Bride..."

Today, another one of my friends tied the knot.  I went home for the weekend and went to Julia Law's wedding reception. Her and Megan were the closest, but since Megs is on a mission, I filled in as a Berrett representative.  Julia and Matt were married in the Logan, Utah temple today.  She looked gorgeous and so happy in her beautiful white dress.  Welp, another lucky guy has another beautiful princess:)

#69 10/16/08 "Ok now turn that up one notch, we're going up the hill"

I have always wanted to take a spinning class.  There's a class 2 times a week at the gym so this morning I took the spinning class.  Let me just say that I hate spinning now.  First of all, you're not moving anywhere, just sitting stationary on a bike.  Then the instructor's like, "Ok now we're going to kill you with this workout.  That's something I want to hear.  I've always wondered what it would be like to die young... My least favorite part about it was when we would "go up a hill"  All we did was increase our resistance by turning the knob up one notch.  I hated that part.  I decided I can't push myself that hard.  Give me a workout that's fun.  Oh and another thing.  When we would "sprint"  my feet would come out of the pedals and I'd almost kill myself.  It was the scariest workout of my life.

#68 10/15/08 FOUR!!

Today for boot camp, it was cardio day.  This means running.  We met down by the Logan River Golf Course at 6:30 in the morning and I ran the course in pitch black.  Some parts along the way, I was sure I was either going to die or get mugged by some creepo that camps out on that road.  Either way, It's not something I like to do when the sun's still down...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#67 10/14/08 "A FOUR BY FOUR?"

So I have some friends that are big nerds.  They don't dress like nerds and don't really act like nerds but there is one thing that to me qualifies them all as one.  They have two rubix cubes in their apartment and do them all the time.  One is a normal 3X3 cube but one is a 4X4!  I've already accepted the fact that I'm a nerd so for the first time I tried to solve a 4X4 rubix cube and succeeded with a lot of help from Ryan who told me he wants a 5X5 for christmas.  I love that he wants that.  I say everyone needs to embrace their inner nerd!!

#66 10/13/08 A visit to the bishopric's quarters

Tonight for FHE, our family was assigned to go to Brother Hedin's house for the lesson.  Brother Hedin lives in Providence where lots of rich people live.  His house is HUGE and super nice.  We had a little lesson and then played a get to know you game.  This is the game.  Get a group of people, learn their names.  One person is in the middle of the circle, eyes closed.   Then, the person in the middle spins around and after a while points to someone and says an animal. Ex. Dog  The person he/she is pointing at would then say "Ruff, bark or bow wow" (Did you just hear a bow wow?), and the middle person would guess the person's name.  If he/she succeeded, the person who barked is now the person in the middle and the game starts over again.  Not the best game, but it worked if people really got into it.  I like the bishopric's house!

#65 10/12/08 "If there is anyone virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, I'll seek after him!"

After church, at like 8:30, our ward has ward prayer.  It fascinates me.  We have an opening prayer for ward prayer.  Kinda weird don't ya think?  Anyway, usually ward prayer starts with announcements, a hymn, a spiritual thought, and a spotlight.  The spotlights are the best part about ward prayer because it's just one way everyone can embarrass you, I mean get to know you better.  Whoever does the spotlight thinks of a creative way to do this, whether it be a movie or a skit or an actual game.  Well today at ward prayer, our apartment got spotlighted!  We were asked to write down 6 things we're looking for in a man, and it had to relate to our personalities.  For example, all 6 of us said we wanted guys that would watch chick-flicks with us.  My favorite one was the title of this post, as stated by Allie Bytheway.  We got some good laughs out of it.  That made it worth it.  Now everyone in Continental Apts. knows a little more about us!

#64 10/11/08 "Fake Bake"

I officially joined the gym today and to go along with the membership, I bought unlimited tanning.  I finally decided to check out this whole "tanning" business.  Now, one reason why I've never tanned in my life, is because I haven't felt like I've needed to.  It never appealed to me.  PLUS I've seen a movie where two girls get trapped in a tanning bed and fry to death.  So I wasn't a huge fan of tanning.  But, I had already paid for it and it was something new I'd never done.  I went tanning in a bed for the first time.   They were out of the lay down beds so I went into the stand-up one.  It is the weirdest feeling ever, being in a tanning bed.  Very secluded and hot (imagine that!) I will admit though that the UV goggles are pretty sweet.  And don't worry people, I didn't fry to death, but I did end up a little toasted :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

#63 10/10/08 "You're a poophead!"

I'm so glad it's the weekend!  Today I went and watched the USU girls soccer play Idaho.  We CRUSHED them 4-0.  It was a great game, except I only caught the last 20 minutes of it.
Another thing I did was the title of the post.  POOPHEAD.  It's a card game that is fairly fun.  What you do is try and get rid of all your cards, and the one that has cards after everyone is out is the Poophead.  Yes it is similar to SCUM, but oh so different.  If you want to learn how to play, let me know and I'll teach you!

#62 10/09/08 OK!! Now L-step!

Since I joined Boot Camp, this week I've been in a workout mood.  So I woke up at 5:30 and went to ultimate body sculpting.  Basically what it is is a step and weight aerobic exercise that lasts for an hour.  It was definitely a great workout.  I'm posting this on Sunday, and my calves are STILL tight and sore.  But hey, no pain, no gain!

#61 10/08/08 "Ready to Run"

For Boot Camp today, we did what was called "the Temple Run".  The Temple Run is basically about a 2 mile run to the temple and 2 miles back.  So a total of four miles.  The good part about this run was that I ran 4 miles in 36 minutes!  I've never run that fast before.  I was proud of myself.

#60 10/07/08 "When Life Gives you Strawberries, Make Strawberry-lemonade"

My roommate has a slushie maker, so for fun I made a strawberry-lemonade slushie.  It would have been delish, but I didn't put enough mix in it.  Oh well, lesson learned.

#59 10/06/08 "Drop down and give me 20..."

Ah monday. The start of a new week.  What a perfect opportunity to do new things!  To start the day off, I ate cereal with soy milk.  Sometimes my stomach hurts if I drink normal milk or eat too much ice cream, so my mom bought me soy milk to try.  It actually isn't that bad.  I had the vanilla kind so I'm not sure what real soy milk tastes like.
Another exciting event of today was I started boot camp today!!  It's a program that I signed up for when I joined the Sports Academy Gym.  Normally, it was $95, but for me it was free!!  Anyway, I went to boot camp, and it was good!  We did stairs and weights and lunges and other "fun" stuff.  I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow! 
After boot camp, I went to FHE where I played three-legged soccer with our ward.  Let me tell you it was a blast!! And me and Allie scored twice, AND we didn't even fall over like lots of people.  

#58 10/05/08 "What's for dessert?"

Every Sunday after dinner, we always make cookies or cake, or any other dessert we want.  My mom decided to try something new called Mississippi Mud pie.  I was all excited for it, until I tried it... I ate Mississippi Mud Pie.  It tasted like it didn't get cooked all the way, and it was super runny.  But hey I ate it anyway because chocolate is chocolate.

#57 10/04/08 "Yeah Conference!!!"

I love conference, and I got to listen to our new prophet speak.  I think President Thomas S. Monson is the perfect prophet for my life right now.  His talk touched my heart.  
Also done today: I saw Made of Honor, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  LOVED Made of Honor, and was a little creeped out by those little 'munks...

#57 10/04/08 "Yeah Conference!!!"

#56 10/03/08 "Show me a True Blooded Aggie!"

That's right, this blog post is dedicated to the fact that we didn't get shut out by BYU's football team.  I watched USU play BYU in football, and had a blast watching it!  Ok, the first three quarters were lame and uneventful.  We were losing as usual, but in the fourth quarter, we managed to score 2 touchdowns and even Sack the BYU quarterback, which had never been done in this season.  So even though we lost, it was so worth it!  I'm proud of my Aggies!!

#55 10/02/08 "Peach shakes should not be homemade, only purchased...

Tonight I wanted to try something new.  So I got some peaches together some ice and some water and made a peach slushee.  I think I put too much water in it because it tasted too watered down and really gross.  Nevertheless, I still made one!

#54 10/01/08 Longboarding adventures for a whole minute and a half...

It was 11:00 at night, and I still hadn't done any thing new.  I was hanging out in apartment 16 when all of the sudden, these boys showed up at our door with longboards.  It was the perfect opportunity!  I asked them if I could ride it and they said I could.  I longboarded down our little outdoor hallway.  It was intense but fun at the same time. 

#53 09/30/08 I Can Cook!!

Being a college student, I don't really prepare meals.  Fellow college students know how it is.  Ramen, Sandwich, nachos, nothing really major or elaborate.  But today, my friends, marks the day that I first made a homecooked meal at college.  I made chicken stirfry and it was delicious!!!  I felt pretty proud of myself too.  I didn't think I could do it, which would have been way sad because it's not like I'm 19 or anything living on my own...

#52 09/29/08 "Happy Anniversary"

I wish I could say that this marks the year anniversary of me and my boyfriend, but alas, I don't have one.  No, this day marks the fact that my sister's been out in the mission field for 7 whole months!! Man time flies by!  I still miss her a lot :(  But she's serving the Lord, so I guess that comes first.

#51 09/28/08 Linger Longer!!

After church  I had my first Linger Longer in the new ward at Continental!  What we had for linger longer was the new thing of the day.  I ate Frito pie!  Basically it was this: 
1. Get a bowl
2. Put fritos in it
3. Add chili
4. Add cheese and/or jalepenos
5. Enjoy!  

This was a delicious, yet super unhealthy lunch.  I loved every bit of it!  I would try it if I were you!

#50 09/27/08 For the first time...

Sometimes my room is a mess.  Actually, it's always messy.  So for the first time living in Continental Apartments, I cleaned my room!  And man does it look nice!

#49 09/26/08 "Look unto me in every thought, DOUBT not, fear not..."

I went on another date with Russell tonight.  We saw this drama play called "DOUBT".  There were only four people in the acting cast, and the play went nowhere.  Meaning it didn't have a climax or an ending for that matter.  The story line is this:  There's a Pastor, a strict principal at a Catholic school, a new naive schoolteacher, and a little black boy's mother.   The principal has doubts about the pastor being faithful to his calling.  Her doubts start to become beliefs when the rumor spreads, that the pastor supposedly pressured this black boy into drinking some altar wine, and beating him.  By the end of the play, the Pastor ends up resigning from the school and from being a Pastor at that church.  I don't really know if he did or didn't give the boy the altar wine, because the story just ended.  If I were you , I would save those two hours and do something better with your time.

#48 09/25/08 "A night test?"

They are in fact a real thing, these "Night Tests", and I for the first time, took a Night Test.  I decided I don't really like them and I'll tell you why.  
1.  I thought, "My test isn't till 6 so I've got all day to study for it"
2. When I did study for it, it stressed me out more than any normal test would.  
3. It's at night.  I should be playing.

Regardless of those three things, the actual test was a piece of cake and I ended up acing it!  Oh!  That's something new too!  I aced my first college test!   

#47 09/24/08 B-Ball with my brothas!

I was walking home from work and happened to see my neighbors getting ready to leave to play basketball at the fieldhouse.  They saw me and invited me to come play with them.  Since I had a crush on one of them, I decided to play basketball at the fieldhouse with them.  For those of you who don't know how basketball at the fieldhouse works,  what happens is a bunch of boys get together and scrimmage for hours on end, in all their sweaty glory.  So we scrimmaged, me being the only girl.  We had to be shirts of course.  It was intense and yet disgusting at the same time.  I scored though.  That was nice.  After a while I couldn't take it anymore and gave up my spot to another brave soul.  Once was enough for me.


As faithful readers know, I ref intramural soccer games for my job.  Sometimes, the team never shows up, and has to forfeit.  If that happens, we as refs still get paid, but we can choose to play or go home.  Since I had to ref right after the game that forfeit, I decided to play.  It was a lot of fun!  Lots of competition, intense soccer game.  We had so many shots on goal but none were dropping.  In attempts to score again, we headed toward their goal.  My teammate had the ball on the corner, saw me open and gave me a crisp pass right to my feet.  With one shot, that ball was in the back of the net, top right corner.  That's right. I scored a goal playing intramurals.   It was the best shot I've ever made.  Ok not true, but it was a close second or third.  Either way, it made me feel good!

#45 09/22/08 "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World..."

Today was a really good day!  I was just a home doing homework, when all of the sudden I heard a knock on my door.  I answered the door and the first thing I saw was this:
                                            A little Shitzu puppy!!

I'm not sure how it got here, but my friend just brought it over to show me!  It reminded me of my Shitzu Gus back at home, and made me miss him a little bit.  I'm so glad I got to play with it!
To finish a good day off, tonight I watched the season 4 premier of Heroes!  Oh my gosh, best two hours of my life!  I can't wait till next week!!!

#44 09/21/08 "We Rock!"

I succumbed to it.  Being at home and really not wanting to do homework, I watched a little movie called "Camp Rock"   It's another Disney movie very similar to High School Musical. Except the two lovers in this movie fall in love at Camp Rock.  I'm not gonna lie, I really liked some of the songs, but overall, the movie was beyond cheesy, even for Disney. 

#43 09/20/08 Puff Pancakes

I went home to visit my family this weekend because I missed them dearly.  When I walked in the door and got all my stuff loaded, I saw a little ball of cooked batter.  I asked my mom what it was and she said, "puff pancakes".  I ate puff pancakes.  My mom saw the recipe in a magazine and wanted to try it.  But to make these pancakes, one needs a specific frying pan. This is what it looks like:
Neat huh?  You put a little bit of butter, a little bit of batter, any fruit or chocolate flavoring you would like and then top it off with another batter dollop.  Once the bottom is cooked enough, use a fork or some sticks to "flip" the puff pancake.  Let me tell you they are like a donut!  Delish!

Friday, September 19, 2008

#42 09/19/08 That looks NASTY...

When I lived at home and wanted something healthy, my mom would always make me a spinach smoothie.  I know what you're thinking.  Those two words shouldn't go together at all.  But you can't judge it until you've tried it.  So today for lunch I made a spinach smoothie!  It's super easy!  Get a banana, a pear, a little bit of juice, and of course some spinach.  Add a couple of ice cubes and blend away!!  If you're feeling a little adventurous, you can add some berries but be warned:  this will make your smoothie look a really nasty brown color.  Without the berries you get something that looks like the color of this text.  It kind of reminds me of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.

#41 09/18/08 Definitely not a leftie...

Sometimes I wake up kind of early and play racketball in the HPER building.  So today I was playing racketball when I decided to play with my left hand instead of my right!  This was quite a challenge!  I'm not very good at it.  But with practice, I will succeed!!!

#40 09/07/08 "Ages 3 and up..."

I hadn't done anything new all day today, so I was kind of starting to stress out.  But no worries people, I did in fact find something quite amusing, and this is it:

That's right.  I sat in a little kiddie cart at Lee's Marketplace.  I love it!!!

#39 09/16/08 Play On!!

Today I started my job.  Guess what it is!  I ref intramural soccer games!  It was great! My first game I was supposed to ref but the other team forfeited, so we got to scrimmage with them!  I forgot how much I love to play soccer.  I am the best linesman USU intramurals has ever seen!  I get payed to play soccer.  It is the best even though the pay is dirt cheap!

#38 09/15/08 Aloha!

Tonight was FHE with our 5th stake and we had a luau!  A luau sounds fun right?  WRONG!!  This luau was LAME!  First of all when you go to a luau, you expect some food like a pig or hawaiian haystacks.  Nope!  They gave us two slices of pineapple, quarter sized cookies, and a cup full of sherbet.  Somehow, we managed to make it fun because we took jumping pictures, and played hula hoop toss.  Basically, we had people set up like bowling pins and we tried to throw a hula hoop around them.  I'm not gonna lie, our jumping pictures rock!

#37 09/14/08 That's MRS. athletic supervisor to you...

Today at church I got a new calling.  I am now the athletic activities supervisor for the 17th ward.  So I go to church volleyball (I'm pretty much a pro) and I get to organize other awesome activities, such as relief society TACKLE FOOTBALL!!  Best night of my life last year!  It'll be even better this year. no worries :)

#36 09/13/08 "Let's go Aggies, Let's GO!!!"

On a beautiful Saturday morning, 20,000 students packed the Romney Stadium with hopes of our Aggies scoring a touchdown against the Utes.  I went to that game and supported my Aggies, only to be let down after the first half.  At least we scored before they did...

#35 09/12/08 Moonbuggy Fun!!!

So in the Engineering Building, there are past projects displayed in the main room.  For example, there is a bridge, a concrete canoe, and most importantly, a MOONBUGGY!  This moonbuggy looks like a funky looking bike.  It only goes forward, but it really is a piece of engineering masterpiece!  Me and Dan rode it during a class break.  Pretty sweet eh?

#34 09/11/08 "Go Big Or Go Home"

It's that time of the year again!  Not christmas, but INTRAMURAL SPORTS SEASON!!  Specifically soccer.  That's right, I had my first intramural soccer game!  Two things to say on this topic.  One: I am out of shape, and need to touch up on my skills.  Two: even though we lost 7-0, intramural soccer is the best!!!

#33 09/10/08 "I've done the impossible..."

I LOGGED ON TO FACEBOOK ZERO TIMES TODAY!!  That is all...  It was tough but I managed to do it.

#33 09/09/08 "If you like pina coladas..."

Once upon a time, me, Emily, Austin, and Nick were all studying for physics when all of the sudden, Emily remembered that Nick owed her something.  That something was a pina colada.  So he got his supplies and I drank my first pina colada.  Let me tell you that that is THE best study snack EVER!!   I recommend it to anyone who has to study a subject like physics, or anything...

#32 09/08/08 The PERFECT on-campus snack!

After physics I have a 2 hour break.  I like to do homework during that time and sometimes I forget to bring a lunch.  So today, me and Dan went into the Hub, and I tried my very first Marv-n-Joe.  For those of you who don't know what that is, I'll tell you.  Take a piece of Hazel's bread of the day, put garlic butter on it, add a couple tomatoes, and a piece of cheese.  Sprinkle it with parmesean cheese and toast it.  BEST...THING... EVER!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#31 09/07/08 Do I Know You?

I was just sitting in church, relief society to be more exact, when someone turned around and said, "You're Lauren, Megan's sister right?"   
"Yeah... I am..."
"I'm Aneesa Harash. Tiva's sister, remember?  They played soccer together."
"Oh yeah!!"
Turns out, she's in my student ward!  So we talked a little bit about our sisters and how they are both on missions.  Tiva's doing great in Florida!  It's definately a really small world.   So I guess I met my sister's friends' little sister.  Sorry this post is a little lame, but I thought it was cool that she knew who I was and I could tell who she was.

#30 09/06/08 Yay for Peach Days!!

So, I'm thinking It's Saturday!  I get to sleep in!  Nope, I didn't but it was worth it because I went with Russel Lyon to Brigham City to Celebrate Peach Days! (That is why this post will be peach colored)  Apparently it is a huge event that goes on every year in that small little city.  So, we got there and found a spot to sit, and then we watched the Peach Days Parade.  There were over 200 floats but we only watched about half of them because it would have ended at like 5:00 p.m. (it started at 10:00 a.m.)  So that was fun, and we got to see Russell's brother on a float.  After that, I ate a peach shake.  Never tried it before, but I love it!  Continuing on our outing in Brigham, I went to my very first car show!  Talk about worshipping idols!  Those cars were so tricked out, and the engines were painted to match the car.  Absolutely NO scratches or dust for that matter were on those things!  My favorite car wasn't in there but I will put up a picture of it.  My favorite car it a baby blue Thunderbird.  The picture doesn't do it justice... but I'll leave this post with it.

  Pretty sweet huh?

Friday, September 12, 2008

#29 09/05/08 Beer What?

So I was walking on campus going to my next class and I saw some people handing out fliers for something.  Sure enough, some guy handed me a flier.  My first thought: Oh cool!  I'm invited to a party!"  And then I looked at the flier.  Sure enough, I got asked to a beer bong party!  Never had that happen before... don't worry mom, I didn't go. :)
I also got a free engineering shirt! (Oh man, I'm a nerd)  
This is what it says:

You Might Be An Engineer If:
0.  You know vector calculus but you can't remember how to do long division.
1.  You know how to integrate a chicken and can take the derivative of water.
2.  You consider ANY non-science course "easy".
3.  When your professor asks you where your homework is, you claim to have accidentally            determined its momentum so precisely, that according to Heisenberg it could be anywhere in  the universe.
4.  Choosing to buy flowers for your girlfriend-assuming you have a girlfriend-or upgrade your RAM is a moral dilemma.
5. You can't help eavesdropping in electronics stores...and correcting the salesperson.
6. You think the optimism/pessimism glass is twice as big as it needs to be.
7.  You have a habit of destroying things in order to see how they work.
8.  You have corrected a professor in class.
9.  You have ever calculated the drag coefficient of your car.
A.  You can type 70 words per minute but can't read your own handwriting.
B.  You bring a computer manual/technical journal/design magazine as vacation reading.
C.  You have used a CAD package to design a pinewood derby car. 
D.  You can answer any question by drawing a free body diagram.
E.  You know your friends' email addresses but not their last names.
F.  You have ever modified a can-opener to be microprocessor-driven.

#28 09/04/08 "Mawage, Mawage is what bwings us togethah, today"

You know you're getting old when all your friends start getting married.  This happened to me today.  I drove all the way home to South Jordan on a weekday to see Rachel Boyer's wedding reception.  It was weird because she is my first really good friend to get married.  The reception was so beautiful and I got to see lots of my high school friends.  

#27 09/03/08 I'm a Kid again!

Ever seen those kids driving those mini carts around in a store?  They are little kid sized.  Well tonight, I shopped with one of those mini-carts.  It was funny because I got some awesome, priceless looks from random people.  I will tell you one thing though.  They are SUPER hard to control :)

#26 09/02/08 Man! What a workout!!

I've played soccer and basketball in the HPER building before, but I had never played racketball in there before.  I went with my good friend Emily.  The funny thing about these courts is that the door to get in is about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide.  I felt like I was in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory with such a  small door!  
I also texted a random question to cha-cha.   It went something like this:  How many pieces of bubble gum can you fit in your mouth?  And the person texted back, "It varies on the type of gum but I can do about 14."  Funny huh?

#25 09/01/08 Ping pong domination!!

Today was nothing big but I did beat my mom in ping pong for the first time! Let me just say it was the best moment in my life!  My mom usually kills me, but not today!  

Saturday, September 6, 2008

#24 08/31/08 So Long... Farewell

Today I went to Spencer Anopol and Zach Morey's farewell.  They are the last of my high school friends to go.  I am so proud of them!  Spencer's heading to South Africa and Zach's going to Massachusetts.  It's great!

#23 08/30/08 Helping Hands For Charity

I ran a 5K for charity.  Yes, I did get a sweet T-shirt.  And I ran it in 25 minutes.  Not great, but not horrible.

#22 08/29/08 I said Brr... It's COLD in HERE!!

In Logan, there is a place called First Dam where people go and have fun at the park.  Well, there is also a canal that's fun to play in also.  So while everyone but me and my roommates went to Bear Lake and Jet-skied all day (I'm not at all bitter about that) we went up to this canal.  Keep in mind that we were in our jeans and school clothes.  It was hot so we had just planned on wading a little to cool off.  Turns out, we got soaked and floated down the First Dam canal in jeans and a shirt!  Definitely one of the stupidest/most fun things I've done in a while!   Nothing beats swimming in 15 degree water...NOTHING!

#21 08/28/08 I Am... The Next American Idol

Our school got Carmen Rasmussen to come to campus and sing while we all went to classes.  I was done with classes for the day, so I watched Carmen Rasmussen perform.  For those of you who don't know her, she was on American Idol in Season 2.  She got 6th and she was from Utah so I thought it was cool.  Man is she preggo!  I thought she might go into labor when she was performing!  She's a pretty neat person.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

#20 08/27/08 Tastes Like Chicken...

Today for The Week Of Welcome, was the Day On the Quad.  This is my favorite day because I turn back into a five year old and run around and get all the free stuff!  Well I passes a booth that was giving out crickets and so I ate a salt and vinegar cricket!  At first it tasted fine until I got to the fried guts...Not so good.  But I had never done anything like that before!   I also went country swing dancing for the first time!  It was fun but I would recommend bringing your own boys or else you'll be stuck standing on the wall looking like a loser... 

#19 08/26/08 True Aggies Bleed Blue..

The first week of school is called WOW week, or week of welcome.  They also do a blood drive all this week.  So in honor of WOW week, and for doing something new, I gave a pint of blood to the American Red Cross, and also got a free T-shirt.  Now they say that True Aggies Bleed Blue, but alas I am not one so my blood was red... :(  oh well.  The lady was just about finished with me and was just getting samples for their lab, when all of the sudden, the needle comes out of my arm and it starts to bleed!  She told me that she had never seen that happen before and asked if I would use my other arm so they could get samples.  Lucky me.  So by the end of the whole thing, I walked away with two arms with brightly colored tape, lime green on my left arm,pink for my right.   Oh yeah... I looked pretty hard core.

#18 08/25/08 You did WHAT? At What TIME?

For those of you that thought waking up at 6:30 a.m. was impossible, try waking up at 6:30 and going running.  So the other night, we met lots of people from our ward, and discovered that there were a lot of us who liked to go running.  For some reason, the next day we decided to wake up BEFORE the sun was up and run.  It definately was a new experience, but I don't really like waking up that early...
Today was also the first day of my college sophomore year!  And let me say that I have quite a tough year ahead of me: Calc 3, Statics, Physics 2, Electrical Engineering for non-majors, and Institute.  BRING IT ON!!!

#17 08/24/08 And It Came To Pass...

Even though I go to church every week, today's new thing was I went to church in a new ward as a sophomore!  I know, it's not really a big deal, but it was something I've never done before...  Let me just say that there is a lot of good looking men in our ward if you catch my drift... :)

#16 08/23/08 Home Sweet Home... :)

Today, I moved into my new apartment!!! Let me just say, It is so good to be back in Logan!  I forgot how much I loved it here!  I'm living at Continental Apartments with my roommate Allie Bytheway and I absolutely love it!   I love being a sophomore, I love my ward!  I didn't realize I had that much stuff, but it's all good because I LOVE COLLEGE!!!

#15 08/22/08 Are We There Yet?. . .

So today I was going to hike mount timpanogus with my dad but things kept coming up.  I still wanted to go, so he took me to a shorter hike called Mt. Olympus.  We hiked about half of it because we got started too late.  It's a very intense hike but it had the most amazing view even from where we were.  Too bad we didn't make it the whole way...
After we hiked, my family and I went to see "The Errand Of Angels", a movie about two sister missionaries and how they cope with the struggles of being on a mission.  I really liked it!  It was well put together.  It did make me miss my sister, who is serving in London, England as I write this blog.  Oh well, she's doing the right thing.

Look at the view!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#14 08/21/08 Sanctuary, sanctuary

I've told a lot of people that I should have been a boy, because I like skateboarding, hiking, you know... boy stuff.  However, I broke apart the Tom Boy in me and got a pedicure!  Let me just tell you, it was probably the girliest thing I've ever done, BUT I really liked it.  I went to Sanctuary in the South Town Mall to get it done.  The lady, Sogol was her name, did a fantastic job.  She made me feel so comfortable and was very entertaining to listen to.  She also gave me some foam flip flops because I wore tennis shoes to a spa.  Guys, get in touch with your feminine side and go get a pedicure.  You won't regret it.  

Monday, August 25, 2008

#13 08/20/08 You're Hair is Everywhere...

I was thinking of something fun and new to do so today I switched the side I part my hair on.  I know... Such a big deal but I kind of liked it.  It made my hair look darker because that side was hidden all summer long.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

#12 08/19/08 "Barley, Barley, Barley"

Today I did two new things:  I helped my dad take down our 15 foot swimming pool, and I made 9 cups of barley flour instead of wheat flour.  My mom went to run errands and had asked me to make some wheat flour so she could make homemade wheat bread.  So I, being old enough to do this simple task, began to grind the grain I though was wheat.  It most definately was not wheat grain, it was BARLEY!!  My mom got a good laugh, and I felt like an idiot for a couple hours.  But now I know what it looks like, and I'll never mess it up again!

#11 08/18/08 I Rode My Bicycle Past Your Window Last Night...

As I was walking in Smith's Marketplace with my sister,  I was thinking of something new to do.  I turned around the corner, and I saw it:  a shiny new bike.  I thought to myself, "that's something I've never done before."  So I hopped on that bike, and rode it all over the store.  I got some pretty interesting looks but it was all in the name of doing something new.  I'm sure the manager will understand...