Sunday, October 30, 2011

"BIG A STAR STAR" SHOW! (as my dad calls it...)

I found out about the Big A** show through listening to the X96 radio station. I bought tickets right after I had heard about it. My wonderful boyfriend came with me along with my sis and her friend. It was a blast! We saw Switchfoot, Anberlin, Neon Trees (by far the best band that we saw?), and Panic at the Disco (the lead singer got malaria, so the other singers pitched in to help). Pictures are more fun than words so here you go:

Right when we arrived, it was starting to rain = Lauren looks like a wet dog :)

Lead singer of Switchfoot. He literally was 15 feet away from us!!

Us with Brogan Kelby... yeah we didn't know who he was either...

Just hangin' out :) waiting for Anberlin

Anberlin in the flesh!!

After we saw Neon Trees! Best one by far, and notice by my wet bangs that it rained...

If he pulls this face, I can't help but laugh :) Us watching Panic at the Disco.

I had such a good time at the concert! Nate always makes my weekends more fun :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catch up time!

It's been a while since I've written. I'm not worried because there's maybe 5 people that read this blog haha.

So going back clear to November 24th! Nate came up for Homecoming weekend :) He got to Logan Friday night and we went on a triple date with his cousin Trevor, and Amanda (my roomie) and Matt (her beau). We started off clear out by the Wal-Mart in Providence. The goal was to flip a coin, and if it was heads, you turned right and if it was tails, you turned left at a stop sign or stop light. The goal was to get to Chilis in less than 30 minutes and the loser paid for everyone's dinner. We could only flip this coin. We started off going in circles, and I tried so hard to be honest each time. Sometimes when Nate would say, "Ok we NEED a tails on this one" magically it would happen... (I didn't cheat... maybe). Anyways, we were last to the arrive at Chilis and I was so nervous that Nate would have to pay... but all the boys were nice to him and he only paid for me :)

Miniature golfing with my date. Isn't he handsome?

I love this girl!!

He had never seen the Logan temple before, so we went there and took lots of pictures. I'll only put a few up...

Right after becoming true aggies!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chicag- OH! So close...

I'm in the beautiful city of Chicago for Annual Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Conference!! I'm so excited! What could be better? I'm missing school, and I don't have to do any homework for the rest of the week. I miss Nate, but I'm seeing him next week :)

The trip here started out as a good one. We flew from Salt Lake to Minneapolis and I sat by the coolest woman. People who know me know that I'm a very friendly person especially with strangers, so naturally I asked her where she was from and where she was headed. She said, "I'm going to go see my boo, you know girl? He's a football player up in Wisconson" She busted out her sweet iPad2 and showed me a picture of him. "He's fine right?" She's dating a Green Bay Packer! Crazy huh? The more I got to know her, the cooler she became. She is a legit model and knows all these famous people. She told me she's been modeling since she was 18 and she's traveled all over the world for her job. "I tried bein' married for six years, but he was the wrong guy for me." She knows tons of famous people. Once again, busted out the iPad2 and showed me pictures of her modeling and a bunch of pictures of her with famous people like Nelly and Little Jon and Sean Paul. I just kept thinking to myself, her life is SO much different than mine is. I'm just this geeky Mormon and she has people make her look stunning every day. I've never met anyone like her in my life. It was such a fun plane ride. Oh, one more thing that I can think of right now. I felt really cheap sitting next to her with my "Engineers are Sexy" shirt and my worn out jeans. She had to have been wearing $300 jeans at least, and she was wearing a head wrap thing. She looked legit. I can't imagine living that kind of lifestyle. Having people buy you extremely nice things, having your own body guard and driver, staying in a mansion in Africa, going to Paris, Germany, etc...
Even though she's extremely cool and I was a little star struck without really knowing her, I'm still grateful to be going to school and living in Utah, and dating the most fantastic man ever :)

Tomorrow is workshops and more workshops until I pass out from fatigue. More updates tomorrow!!