Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Proposal Story...

All 5 followers of mine probably know that I'm engaged to the most wonderful man alive! :)
There is a short version, you just have to scroll down more.

Here's the story (Lauren's side).

The weekend before: Feb 10th
The week before we got engaged we had a pre-Valentines Day dinner and a magician (I believe it was called "Evening of Elegance and Magic"). We went with his cousin Trevor and girlfriend Andrea to the American West Heritage Center and had a really great time. Nate and I have talked about marriage a lot, so before he left, I asked him if we could go ring shopping soon. He said "Oh I don't know if I'm ready for that...Maybe we could go Monday because it's a holiday." Little did I know he had a ring already picked out. That sneaky boy! Anyways, I was coming home to South Jordan Wednesday the 15th because I had an eye appointment the next morning in Sandy. Knowing this, he told me, "I get you Thursday". I knew we'd be going on our actual Valentines Day date, where we would exchange gifts (I made him a deck of cards with 104 things I loved about him) and just enjoy being with each other. He asked me where I'd like to go for dinner that night, emphasizing that I could go anywhere I wanted. I picked Red Lobster just because I knew it was his favorite place and there was always deals going on there. The date was decided: we would go to Red Lobster at 4:30, indoor rock climbing after that, and then swing by and see Madelyn's concerto night once our arms felt like they were going to fall off.

Thursday, Feb 16th 4:00 p.m.
Nate told me that we wouldn't be coming back to change into climbing stuff after dinner, so he told me to pack some cute climbing clothes. That's when I knew he was acting different, because normally he doesn't care what I wear climbing, since we've been twice together...Once I had my stuff packed, we headed for Red Lobster in Murray. We got drinks and really expensive meals. I just thought, it's Valentine's Day so we're going to splurge a little. Nate was so hot during dinner (He was nervous and excited) and I asked him if he needed to go outside for a minute to cool down.
During our dating life, we asked each other how ready we were to get married to each other. Mine was always higher. The question was brought up tonight and even though I was 100% ready to marry him, I wasn't sure he was, because he was always telling me that we would be getting married July or August. So I said 90%, but he eventually got 100% out of me. I'm kind of a push over.
6:10 p.m.
We finished with dinner and went to his grandparent's house to change into climbing gear. Neither of us brought jackets which was really stupid...It was cold. Once dressed, we headed on the freeway to go to Momentum climbing gym off of 10600 S. by the mall. He got off clear at 7200 S. because "there was so much traffic", and then proceeded to go the complete opposite direction further away from Momentum. We went past Gardner Village and onto 2700 W. until we got 10600 S. I had an idea that he had some sort of a surprise for me, because if any of you know Nate, he hates going slow. I told him I wanted to pay for climbing because he bought dinner, but he said that he had it taken care of already.

6:25 p.m.
We got to Momentum Climbing Gym and Nate went up to the guy and said, "I'm Nate. I talked to you earlier." The guy took his card and we were in. I was so excited to go because I hadn't gone in forever. We walk to the north side of the gym and Nate stops in front of the easiest climb possible and tells me to climb it. I knew I hadn't been for a long time, but come on, I could have done that easy! So I told him to go and I'd belay him. I even made him put on my dad's climbing shoes. He really wanted me to go first so I get all hooked up, and he says, "Wait! I have to go the bathroom!" So he goes over there, but I watched him to make sure that's really where he went, because I knew something was weird. He comes back and I climb to the top, and at the top is a Ring Pop taped up there. I started to get excited and confused and asked him, "Is that for me?". He said, "No, that one's from my brother, but if you want the real one you're going to have to come down!" Instantly, my legs started shaking, because I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly, but I though I had. He kept looking over the side and letting me down ridiculously slow, so I swung over the side to see what he was looking at. The first thing I thought was, "Wow. Everyone's here". My family, Nate's family, and some of Nate's extended family was all there. Brad had a bunch of roses in his hand. I can't even believe what's going on! I finally get down after forever, and Nate gets down on one knee and says, "Will you accept me for my strengths and weaknesses and marry me?". I was so shocked, but of course I said yes!!! We were both shaking so bad he could hardly get the ring on my finger and we were engaged!!

I'm so excited to marry my best friend!! We are getting married on May 24th and I couldn't be happier! He is the best guy for me and I love him to pieces! I can't wait to be Mrs. Jackson for time and all eternity!!