Monday, December 22, 2008

#111 12/02/08 Yeah Conference!

I'm a member of the Society of Engineers, and we are going to Albuquerque  New Mexico for a regional conference.   We leave I think at the end of January for a couple days.  This conference is a workshop for students like us to get our name out into the real world and meet different companies that I could possibly be interested in.  So today I registered for conference.  I filled out the application and picked an activity from the list.  So now I'm officially registered!  I can't wait!

#110 12/01/08 U-S-U! U-S-U!

Nothing too exciting today but I bought my first BYU vs. USU Basketball today!  It only cost 5 bucks and I can't wait to go!  We are going to dominate!!

#109 11/30/08 Mintastic!!

My mom really gets into the Christmas spirit, even in November.  When she sees a new treat, she usually buys the stuff and makes it soon after.  I'm sure everyone has heard of the Andes mints with a mint piece in the middle of two chocolate pieces.  Well today, I helped my mom make homemade Andes mints!  This is kind of a tricky process.  First, we bought the chocolate from some lady, then you weigh out the right amount and melt it in the oven, green with green, and brown with brown.  Once they are melted, you take a cookie sheet and pour the first layer of chocolate on the pan with wax paper under it.  Make sure it's all even out.  After it drys, then take the green middle layer and spread it out over the first layer, first adding 7 drops of mint flavoring.  Wait for that one to dry as well and repeat with the last chocolate layer.  Once all three layers have dried then you get out your tool to cut them into squares that will fit in the box that the chocolate lady provides.  They taste SO much better than store bought mints!

#108 11/29/08 "Whoever said being over the top was too much, has never been to this store..."

Being home for fall break is the best.  I get to run errands with my mom all the time.  Today, while we were running around South Jordan, we noticed a new store over by Cafe Rio and the Pi Pizzaria.  It's called Over the Top Cookies.  We couldn't say no to a new cookie store (After all we are the Berretts) so we decided to check it out.  This store just opened about 2 weeks ago and it's a family business.  We were greeted by a 10 year old boy.  We assumed it was the owners son.  This mom of the family makes these AMAZING cookies from smores' to almond joy, to snickers and twix.  They were all delicious!  We got two mini cookies of each flavor.  Let's just say I ran a little longer today after eating those pieces of heaven... All of you should check it out.  Great Christmas gift! 

#107 11/28/08 "How did we get here? I used to know you so well"

The subject heading for this post is one of the lyrics in the song "Decode" which is on the Twilight soundtrack.  Speaking of Twilight, I had heard mixed reviews about it, so I decided to settle the chaos and see it myself.  I really liked it!  Sure it was a little cheesy, but that's how Stephanie Meyer writes it.  Although I wasn't a huge fan of Edward. He was nothing like expected, but eventually he grew on me.  Out of the whole Twilight craze, I really just love the two Paramore songs from the soundtrack.  But then again, Paramore IS my favorite band...

#106 11/27/08 No wonder you get fat over Thanksgiving...

Today was Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins.  But I do that every year, so it's nothing new.  However today's new thing does have to do with food.  As a poor college student, I don't have the money to buy what my mom buys.  That's why I love going home.  I wanted a snack, so my mom told me to try Spinach Dip with Little bite-sized chips!  I think the spinach dip was from Costco, or it should be because it was gone within a few days.  The chips were marvelous as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#105 11/26/08 Wow! This place is huge!

In preparation for Thanksgiving, my mom needed to get some matching serving bowls for a fruit salad of some sort.  Me, bored, and home for Thanksgiving, went with her to IKEA for the first time.  IKEA is like a mall I've decided.  Nope, that's a lie because Malls aren't that confusing...We walked inside the store and went up the escalator to the 2nd floor, but soon realized that we needed to stay on the bottom floor.  It seriously took like 10 minutes to find a way down to the main floor.  We had to walk through most of their stuff to get to the checkout stand too.  Even though we only needed that one thing, I ended up seeing the whole store before I could get out of there.  Talk about your smart marketing strategy.  They say that the longer you stay in a store, the more inclined you are to buy more stuff.  Luckily we had some self control.  

Saturday, December 6, 2008

#104 11/25/08 Pepperidge Farm!!!

There is a Pepperidge Farm in North Logan that one could either drive or request to go there if you took the bus.  Emily had always had this deep desire to go there, so today we took the CVN bus and by request he took us to Pepperidge Farm!  No one should be that giddy while riding a bus.  We probably annoyed the other people in the bus, but how often to you take the bus to Pepperidge Farm?  Never.  
But when we go there, I bought 12 dollars of goldfish and cookies, and it should have really cost like 20 bucks or more, but i bought the reject cookies that were either broken or for some reason couldn't be sold in stores.  I hope they didn't poison it because I've already eaten a lot of it.  If I don't come to school tomorrow, you'll know why...

#103 11/22/08 Free TV AND movies?

I went over to Nate's apartment tonight, and his roommates were watching House online.  I asked them how they were watching it, and they replied,  This site lets you watch TV episodes from any show, and lots and lots of movies, for FREE!!  So tonight, me and Nate got on it for the first time and watched a couple episodes of The Simpsons.  Whoever invented is an absolute genius!!

#102 11/21/08 I'm going to miss this...

Today ended the glorious workout called BOOT CAMP.  I'm going to miss it and my trainer, and the people that were in my class.  It really was the thing that got me going in the mornings, and now it's over because I don't have 90 bucks a month to keep doing it.

#101 11/20/08 One of the best days of my life...

I'll tell you why.  Because today was the last Physics lab of my entire life!!! And I finished it in 20 minutes which never happens!  I still can't get over the fact that I'm done with Physics after this semester!!!

#100 11/19/08 "They don't fly very well..."

Sometimes when we get sick of doing homework, my roommates and I do some crazy things.  Like tonight for example.  Katy had got about 150 paper bags from the grocery store for a FHE activity, but that idea fell through the roof and we had 150 bags in our apartment and nothing to do with them.  One of my roommates had an idea, and that idea was to make paper planes out of them and throw them off the third floor.  So that's what we did.  Paper bag paper is too heavy for paper plane making so my plane kind of just fell instead of flew.  Either way, it was a fun way to use up those bags! 

#99 11/18/08 Tie Date!!

Tonight I went on my tie date.  My date was David from next door.  The sad thing is that I didn't even know our next door neighbors at all until tonight.  And they are pretty cool people.  For our date, we doubled with his roommate and Kate from apt 15.  They made us dinner, alfredo and garlic toast, and then after we played Settlers of Catan.  I lost by one point because SOMEONE had to go and build a bigger army and take away my glory!  It's ok, just a game.  After that the date ended because I had to go to my soccer game.  One funny thing about the night.  My date is dating someone from apt 22, and I'm dating Nate.  So it was totally chill and full of no pressure.  It was great!! I'd do it again anyday:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

#98 11/16/08 Pick a tie, any tie...

Tonight, one of our neighbors came up with the great idea of having a  tie date.  Let me explain.  Every boy in our ward turned one or two of their ties in with a date and time, and one lucky girl would pick a tie and go on a date with that guy.  So tonight after ward prayer,  I picked a tie!  My date is on tuesday!  I'm excited!!

#97 11/14/08 Kissy Kissy

Our typical Friday night tradition is to go to the basketball games.  One of my favorite parts of the game isn't actually the game itself, but it's the kiss cam.  I love to watch the embarassed couples kiss in front of the entire Spectrum audience.  Never in a million years did I think it would happen to me.   Me and Nate kissed on the kiss cam in front of 5 thousand people!  It was embarassing but awesome at the same time:)  The funny part was after we kissed, I got 5 different texts from different people telling me things like "way to go!!" and " Oh how cute".  It was a good night:)

#96 11/13/08 A lone ranger...

Tonight, I had to work.   But this time my co partner bailed.  So I had to ref on my own.  Let me tell you it is very tough.  Luckily Tate, my boss came to the rescue and helped me out.  Thank goodness for that, because if I had to ref alone, I probably wouldn't be alive to be writing this blog.

#95 11/12/08 Sign me up for the next war...

Just kidding.  I really meant to say, "sign me up for the next semester".  Yep, today I signed up for my spring semester classes.  Kind of a lame post.  But I've never signed up for my Sopomore classes before, so I guess it's a new thing.

#94 11/11/08 Get ready to schred!

It's been I while since I've been snowboarding.  It's a tradition we have as a family to go every christmas eve, and that's the last time I went.  This year I decided to buy a season pass to Beaver Mountain.  I got it for a good deal, only $270.  I can't wait to test it out.  All I need now is some snow and I'd be happy!!  I love the snow!!