Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#67 10/14/08 "A FOUR BY FOUR?"

So I have some friends that are big nerds.  They don't dress like nerds and don't really act like nerds but there is one thing that to me qualifies them all as one.  They have two rubix cubes in their apartment and do them all the time.  One is a normal 3X3 cube but one is a 4X4!  I've already accepted the fact that I'm a nerd so for the first time I tried to solve a 4X4 rubix cube and succeeded with a lot of help from Ryan who told me he wants a 5X5 for christmas.  I love that he wants that.  I say everyone needs to embrace their inner nerd!!

#66 10/13/08 A visit to the bishopric's quarters

Tonight for FHE, our family was assigned to go to Brother Hedin's house for the lesson.  Brother Hedin lives in Providence where lots of rich people live.  His house is HUGE and super nice.  We had a little lesson and then played a get to know you game.  This is the game.  Get a group of people, learn their names.  One person is in the middle of the circle, eyes closed.   Then, the person in the middle spins around and after a while points to someone and says an animal. Ex. Dog  The person he/she is pointing at would then say "Ruff, bark or bow wow" (Did you just hear a bow wow?), and the middle person would guess the person's name.  If he/she succeeded, the person who barked is now the person in the middle and the game starts over again.  Not the best game, but it worked if people really got into it.  I like the bishopric's house!

#65 10/12/08 "If there is anyone virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, I'll seek after him!"

After church, at like 8:30, our ward has ward prayer.  It fascinates me.  We have an opening prayer for ward prayer.  Kinda weird don't ya think?  Anyway, usually ward prayer starts with announcements, a hymn, a spiritual thought, and a spotlight.  The spotlights are the best part about ward prayer because it's just one way everyone can embarrass you, I mean get to know you better.  Whoever does the spotlight thinks of a creative way to do this, whether it be a movie or a skit or an actual game.  Well today at ward prayer, our apartment got spotlighted!  We were asked to write down 6 things we're looking for in a man, and it had to relate to our personalities.  For example, all 6 of us said we wanted guys that would watch chick-flicks with us.  My favorite one was the title of this post, as stated by Allie Bytheway.  We got some good laughs out of it.  That made it worth it.  Now everyone in Continental Apts. knows a little more about us!

#64 10/11/08 "Fake Bake"

I officially joined the gym today and to go along with the membership, I bought unlimited tanning.  I finally decided to check out this whole "tanning" business.  Now, one reason why I've never tanned in my life, is because I haven't felt like I've needed to.  It never appealed to me.  PLUS I've seen a movie where two girls get trapped in a tanning bed and fry to death.  So I wasn't a huge fan of tanning.  But, I had already paid for it and it was something new I'd never done.  I went tanning in a bed for the first time.   They were out of the lay down beds so I went into the stand-up one.  It is the weirdest feeling ever, being in a tanning bed.  Very secluded and hot (imagine that!) I will admit though that the UV goggles are pretty sweet.  And don't worry people, I didn't fry to death, but I did end up a little toasted :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

#63 10/10/08 "You're a poophead!"

I'm so glad it's the weekend!  Today I went and watched the USU girls soccer play Idaho.  We CRUSHED them 4-0.  It was a great game, except I only caught the last 20 minutes of it.
Another thing I did was the title of the post.  POOPHEAD.  It's a card game that is fairly fun.  What you do is try and get rid of all your cards, and the one that has cards after everyone is out is the Poophead.  Yes it is similar to SCUM, but oh so different.  If you want to learn how to play, let me know and I'll teach you!

#62 10/09/08 OK!! Now L-step!

Since I joined Boot Camp, this week I've been in a workout mood.  So I woke up at 5:30 and went to ultimate body sculpting.  Basically what it is is a step and weight aerobic exercise that lasts for an hour.  It was definitely a great workout.  I'm posting this on Sunday, and my calves are STILL tight and sore.  But hey, no pain, no gain!

#61 10/08/08 "Ready to Run"

For Boot Camp today, we did what was called "the Temple Run".  The Temple Run is basically about a 2 mile run to the temple and 2 miles back.  So a total of four miles.  The good part about this run was that I ran 4 miles in 36 minutes!  I've never run that fast before.  I was proud of myself.

#60 10/07/08 "When Life Gives you Strawberries, Make Strawberry-lemonade"

My roommate has a slushie maker, so for fun I made a strawberry-lemonade slushie.  It would have been delish, but I didn't put enough mix in it.  Oh well, lesson learned.

#59 10/06/08 "Drop down and give me 20..."

Ah monday. The start of a new week.  What a perfect opportunity to do new things!  To start the day off, I ate cereal with soy milk.  Sometimes my stomach hurts if I drink normal milk or eat too much ice cream, so my mom bought me soy milk to try.  It actually isn't that bad.  I had the vanilla kind so I'm not sure what real soy milk tastes like.
Another exciting event of today was I started boot camp today!!  It's a program that I signed up for when I joined the Sports Academy Gym.  Normally, it was $95, but for me it was free!!  Anyway, I went to boot camp, and it was good!  We did stairs and weights and lunges and other "fun" stuff.  I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow! 
After boot camp, I went to FHE where I played three-legged soccer with our ward.  Let me tell you it was a blast!! And me and Allie scored twice, AND we didn't even fall over like lots of people.  

#58 10/05/08 "What's for dessert?"

Every Sunday after dinner, we always make cookies or cake, or any other dessert we want.  My mom decided to try something new called Mississippi Mud pie.  I was all excited for it, until I tried it... I ate Mississippi Mud Pie.  It tasted like it didn't get cooked all the way, and it was super runny.  But hey I ate it anyway because chocolate is chocolate.

#57 10/04/08 "Yeah Conference!!!"

I love conference, and I got to listen to our new prophet speak.  I think President Thomas S. Monson is the perfect prophet for my life right now.  His talk touched my heart.  
Also done today: I saw Made of Honor, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  LOVED Made of Honor, and was a little creeped out by those little 'munks...

#57 10/04/08 "Yeah Conference!!!"

#56 10/03/08 "Show me a True Blooded Aggie!"

That's right, this blog post is dedicated to the fact that we didn't get shut out by BYU's football team.  I watched USU play BYU in football, and had a blast watching it!  Ok, the first three quarters were lame and uneventful.  We were losing as usual, but in the fourth quarter, we managed to score 2 touchdowns and even Sack the BYU quarterback, which had never been done in this season.  So even though we lost, it was so worth it!  I'm proud of my Aggies!!

#55 10/02/08 "Peach shakes should not be homemade, only purchased...

Tonight I wanted to try something new.  So I got some peaches together some ice and some water and made a peach slushee.  I think I put too much water in it because it tasted too watered down and really gross.  Nevertheless, I still made one!

#54 10/01/08 Longboarding adventures for a whole minute and a half...

It was 11:00 at night, and I still hadn't done any thing new.  I was hanging out in apartment 16 when all of the sudden, these boys showed up at our door with longboards.  It was the perfect opportunity!  I asked them if I could ride it and they said I could.  I longboarded down our little outdoor hallway.  It was intense but fun at the same time. 

#53 09/30/08 I Can Cook!!

Being a college student, I don't really prepare meals.  Fellow college students know how it is.  Ramen, Sandwich, nachos, nothing really major or elaborate.  But today, my friends, marks the day that I first made a homecooked meal at college.  I made chicken stirfry and it was delicious!!!  I felt pretty proud of myself too.  I didn't think I could do it, which would have been way sad because it's not like I'm 19 or anything living on my own...

#52 09/29/08 "Happy Anniversary"

I wish I could say that this marks the year anniversary of me and my boyfriend, but alas, I don't have one.  No, this day marks the fact that my sister's been out in the mission field for 7 whole months!! Man time flies by!  I still miss her a lot :(  But she's serving the Lord, so I guess that comes first.

#51 09/28/08 Linger Longer!!

After church  I had my first Linger Longer in the new ward at Continental!  What we had for linger longer was the new thing of the day.  I ate Frito pie!  Basically it was this: 
1. Get a bowl
2. Put fritos in it
3. Add chili
4. Add cheese and/or jalepenos
5. Enjoy!  

This was a delicious, yet super unhealthy lunch.  I loved every bit of it!  I would try it if I were you!

#50 09/27/08 For the first time...

Sometimes my room is a mess.  Actually, it's always messy.  So for the first time living in Continental Apartments, I cleaned my room!  And man does it look nice!

#49 09/26/08 "Look unto me in every thought, DOUBT not, fear not..."

I went on another date with Russell tonight.  We saw this drama play called "DOUBT".  There were only four people in the acting cast, and the play went nowhere.  Meaning it didn't have a climax or an ending for that matter.  The story line is this:  There's a Pastor, a strict principal at a Catholic school, a new naive schoolteacher, and a little black boy's mother.   The principal has doubts about the pastor being faithful to his calling.  Her doubts start to become beliefs when the rumor spreads, that the pastor supposedly pressured this black boy into drinking some altar wine, and beating him.  By the end of the play, the Pastor ends up resigning from the school and from being a Pastor at that church.  I don't really know if he did or didn't give the boy the altar wine, because the story just ended.  If I were you , I would save those two hours and do something better with your time.

#48 09/25/08 "A night test?"

They are in fact a real thing, these "Night Tests", and I for the first time, took a Night Test.  I decided I don't really like them and I'll tell you why.  
1.  I thought, "My test isn't till 6 so I've got all day to study for it"
2. When I did study for it, it stressed me out more than any normal test would.  
3. It's at night.  I should be playing.

Regardless of those three things, the actual test was a piece of cake and I ended up acing it!  Oh!  That's something new too!  I aced my first college test!   

#47 09/24/08 B-Ball with my brothas!

I was walking home from work and happened to see my neighbors getting ready to leave to play basketball at the fieldhouse.  They saw me and invited me to come play with them.  Since I had a crush on one of them, I decided to play basketball at the fieldhouse with them.  For those of you who don't know how basketball at the fieldhouse works,  what happens is a bunch of boys get together and scrimmage for hours on end, in all their sweaty glory.  So we scrimmaged, me being the only girl.  We had to be shirts of course.  It was intense and yet disgusting at the same time.  I scored though.  That was nice.  After a while I couldn't take it anymore and gave up my spot to another brave soul.  Once was enough for me.


As faithful readers know, I ref intramural soccer games for my job.  Sometimes, the team never shows up, and has to forfeit.  If that happens, we as refs still get paid, but we can choose to play or go home.  Since I had to ref right after the game that forfeit, I decided to play.  It was a lot of fun!  Lots of competition, intense soccer game.  We had so many shots on goal but none were dropping.  In attempts to score again, we headed toward their goal.  My teammate had the ball on the corner, saw me open and gave me a crisp pass right to my feet.  With one shot, that ball was in the back of the net, top right corner.  That's right. I scored a goal playing intramurals.   It was the best shot I've ever made.  Ok not true, but it was a close second or third.  Either way, it made me feel good!

#45 09/22/08 "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World..."

Today was a really good day!  I was just a home doing homework, when all of the sudden I heard a knock on my door.  I answered the door and the first thing I saw was this:
                                            A little Shitzu puppy!!

I'm not sure how it got here, but my friend just brought it over to show me!  It reminded me of my Shitzu Gus back at home, and made me miss him a little bit.  I'm so glad I got to play with it!
To finish a good day off, tonight I watched the season 4 premier of Heroes!  Oh my gosh, best two hours of my life!  I can't wait till next week!!!

#44 09/21/08 "We Rock!"

I succumbed to it.  Being at home and really not wanting to do homework, I watched a little movie called "Camp Rock"   It's another Disney movie very similar to High School Musical. Except the two lovers in this movie fall in love at Camp Rock.  I'm not gonna lie, I really liked some of the songs, but overall, the movie was beyond cheesy, even for Disney. 

#43 09/20/08 Puff Pancakes

I went home to visit my family this weekend because I missed them dearly.  When I walked in the door and got all my stuff loaded, I saw a little ball of cooked batter.  I asked my mom what it was and she said, "puff pancakes".  I ate puff pancakes.  My mom saw the recipe in a magazine and wanted to try it.  But to make these pancakes, one needs a specific frying pan. This is what it looks like:
Neat huh?  You put a little bit of butter, a little bit of batter, any fruit or chocolate flavoring you would like and then top it off with another batter dollop.  Once the bottom is cooked enough, use a fork or some sticks to "flip" the puff pancake.  Let me tell you they are like a donut!  Delish!