Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Dirrrrty!

This weekend was a blast! Friday was Madelyn's birthday. She turned 18! Look out! Now she's old enough to buy dry ice! I didn't see much of her because she went on a date :) I on the other hand had to go pick up our packets for the race on Saturday. It was pouring the whole drive home. I went to Nate's house looking like a wet dog, but he didn't care. He was just excited to see me :) I said hi to his family and then we went to my house for dinner and my family's company. He had two tests on Monday, so we decided to have a study party at his house with his cousin, Amy. I brought my homework over and tried to work on it, but all of us were having a hard time focusing. I was so tired so after a while I fell asleep on Nate while he was talking to Kyle about cars (can you blame me for falling asleep?)

Saturday was the Dirty Dash in Soldier Hollow! Let me say something, this is the best way to get a workout in! The Dirty Dash is a 10K run in a whole bunch of mud and nastyness! We climbed over walls, crawled through barrels and trudged through swampy smelly mud water, and I found mud in places I didn't know I had. Here are some pics:

Before: (Actually three minutes before the race started...we were running late)

Almost done! (I love my sis :) )

Throwing Megs in the mud

Can you believe Nate kissed me covered in this? He's the best :)

Look at how blue our eyes look with all this mud around our faces!
One guy looked at us and said, "Woah, your eyes are creepy..." Haha I love it!

The group:

Once I got all cleaned up and pretty, Nate took me out to Red Lobster for the first time! I'd never been there and we were both excited to eat all the shrimp we could. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but just imagine one good looking couple because that's what we are :)

Overall, pretty freakin' awesome weekend! I just have to work really hard this week because this weekend is homecoming week at USU and Nate's coming up for the dance!! I can't wait!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First two weeks of school

This weekend was a great surprise. I was kind of bummed because I wasn't going to see Nate this weekend (I know it's been 4 whole days since the last time I saw him) because I was planning on studying for the GRE and doing homework with some classmates. I was asking Emily what her plans were for Friday, and she told me she had to go to Salt Lake for a scholarship dinner, and she was taking Josh. I was like, WHAT?? you're going to Salt Lake? I want to go with you and then you guys can meet Nate! So as they were in their dinner, I met up with Nate and we went to the Gateway. We actually ran into Megan's friend Heather and decided to eat with them at Z Tejas. Heather told me Megs was actually coming so we stayed and surprised her when she sat down :) It was great to see her and even better being with my cute boy :)

Here's a picture of us at the restaurant. Pay no attention to the Asian stunt-double pretending to be me. She just gets really squinty-eyed the happier she is :)