Thursday, May 3, 2012

Runnin' like a champ!

This is my stud of a future husband.  Nate and his dad, Steve ran the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon last weekend.  Nate's probably the only person I've ever met that doesn't train for a half marathon and can run it in under 2 hours.  His dad did incredible too!  Just over 2 hours with a bum knee.  I'm so proud of them both :)  I've thought about running another one, and then I saw how sore Nate was for the next couple days and decided against it.  I think I'll try a mini-mini-triathlon this summer or in the fall.  I'm not a very good swimmer, but I do like a challenge...
I almost didn't see him because he sprinted really fast at the end.

They even got medals for running the race.  Purple ones... :)

Have you  met my creeper fiance?  I'll give him a little slack.  He was exhausted when we took this picture and I'm an albino woman... We're good for each other.


collette charles said...

hahah we're good for each other. you guys are GREAT together :)

mrs. [jeremy] bodtcher said...

What freaking rockstars! Go steve and nate! Haha and love your cute picture at the end!